Everything falls back to your whys when getting a document management system. Frankly speaking, it needs a portion of your budget and efforts to implement it.

After all, who would want an extra burden?

Our bad. We don’t want to second-guess your decision, but why are you going for a DMS to organize your records?

In case you forgot your reason (or in any way, you want us to read your mind), can we guess what moved you to rely on a cloud-based document management system?


You still want to see etched names of lovers on a tree.

Cheesy it may seem, but who wouldn’t feel giddy if you can still hide under the shade of the very tree you and your significant other have chosen as a witness of your affection? Who wouldn’t go down the memory lane whenever you see your initials still enclosed in a heart after 40 years or so, still legible and had carved deeper memories through the years? You can’t etch on wind! You need a tree.

Four billion trees are cut worldwide for paper production alone. Each tree is consumed up to 93% to yield papers, only to take the half of business waste worldwide.

That could equate to billion chances missed to etch an affection. How heartbreaking is that?

But holistically-speaking, was it for the environment and the generations to come why you’re giving a document management system a YES?


You’re now ready to bring a thick wall down.

It was a knee-high boundary, then became a waist-tall border, and next thing you know, it’s a neck-deep division – it is your pile of papers, nonetheless.

And the walls of paper became not just a clutter in the eyes but as a separator from productivity.

It took you hours, footsteps, stairways, floors, and even ‘laters’ just to get those papers done. No one bothered to optimize your workflow… except you. You also thought that a china vase might be a good sight in place of those discoloring, dragging, and stressful-looking pile of papers.

You’re taking that wall down through going digital, aren’t you?


You’ve set your mind that the industry is eternal, not you.

We’ll all die – and as an enlightened being, you religiously implant this to your whole existence. Your enlightenment branches out to your profession, to the very bits of your daily doings. And you know what other things die? Papers. Papers in this digitally transforming age.

A still small voice showered you with overflowing wisdom to conclude that “yeah, this industry goes on but not my earthly life.” So you decided tend your documents for the future generation and against catastrophes (fires, floods, earthquakes, etc).

A cloud-based document management system backed with multiple datacenters across the world (such as Enadoc) is the very first thing came into your mind… and you find peace with your option because who wouldn’t?

Who wouldn’t be at ease if digital versions of physical files are still retrievable after years or devastation? And you — you’re just the thoughtful person who is stuck to give a fuss on your organization’s documents… and wouldn’t mind, right?


Or are we just being conclusive?

Did we at least hit your very reason? Or did we flat out miss why you’re going for this decision?

All we know is that you just simply want the best for your organization. Whatever your reason is, we know it’s for the long run: to cut cost, optimize workflows, backup your data, and the like.

Should you have other reasons behind getting a document management application like Enadoc, we wouldn’t mind to shell out a day to listen.

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