Digital transformation is right at your doorstep, ready to engulf you like the gigantic waves you’ve seen on movies (like in Chasing Mavericks). The thing is, the choice is still yours whether to enjoy the tide or go against the flow.

Then surf’s up if you decide to tame this modern fear for your business! As for managing your records and other written accounts, a document management system (DMS) is your “surfboard” in this age of IoT, security threats, disasters, and applied digital transformation.

So what to look in a surf board-err document management system?

Pay-per-use pricing

Surfboards should match its user’s skill and fitness level, height and weight, and even the types of waves. Maneuvering above the waves needs (as much as possible) an ideal board for flawless surfing experience.

Same should go for your business: tailored document management features, the just-right bundles to perform what you really need to be done for the price you pay.

80TB storage space for a 50-employee clerical company is an overkill. 2GB digital file storage with less than 10 user accesses for 200 to 500 employees is a badly closed deal.

You should pay for what you need and use. No more, no less. Ask us how.

Ease of access

Every surfing day is intentional, so do with how you deal with your workflow; you show up in the workplace and mean it (by having the tools you need to lessen effort).

Isn’t it fun when you’re all packed with your board and all for a surf, say this weekend?

Also, isn’t it handy if you can digitize, access, share, and collaborate using a document management system in your desktop, laptop, mobile device, or tablet?

If a DMS is this seamless across your devices, it’s the one! You won’t miss opportunities, be it a weekend surf, a project deadline, or a file to share right away.


A surfboard could be slippery at times, so surfers apply wax on it. Also, to “retrieve” a surfboard easily after a fall, surfers cuff their foot with a leash connected to the board’s tail; preventing them to swim after a surfboard swept off away.

As for managing your documents, the security feature serves as its wax and leash – both assure that you’re on the right track and help you stay on track.

Security covers how a DMA protects your documents like using Hexagonal Security instead of the conventional triangular model, a redaction feature in which you can blacken out confidential file portions, a state-of-the-art cloud storage that creates multiple document backups in case of emergency, password implementation, and the like.

Security is a great factor for an optimized workflow through a DMA, so go for the one that adopted the recent trends in data protection and available 24/7, as threats evolved and disasters are unpredictable.

Digital transformation is truly a wave – it cannot be stopped. So before it hits you hard, why not take a big step and ride its waves? Embrace it with a document management system.

Doubts? Questions? We’re here to listen.

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