Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular solution platforms in the world. It empowers organizations to develop many different business solutions on a single platform. These solutions namely are intranets, public portals, enterprise search systems, content management systems, workflow solutions, and business intelligence, among others.

However, a lot of organizations are not using SharePoint in its full potential mainly because of lack of awareness and expertise. Because of this, organizations seek other services that are already can be found in SharePoint. Good thing we have Enadoc to fill in the gaps and cover all necessary business documents requirements.

Every business is unique and the same working model will not yield optimum results on different businesses. This is why a chosen solution should tailor its services to meet the unique requirements by providing timely, relevant, and customized solutions with continually improving human resources, processes and technologies – thus the Enadoc SharePoint integration.

Part 1: Why the Integration?                        

Businesses and organizations, especially big ones, generate thousands of contents and documents every day. The key to success is to manage these contents effectively. To achieve this, a solution for document and management is needed.

One solution that is in top-of-mind for most is the all-in-one platform Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint has essential services like building up intranets, management systems, workflow solutions, or business intelligence.

Despite this, SharePoint lacks some capabilities, user-friendliness, and functionality. These functions include capture and management of large volumes of papers and analog records. Incidentally, the key business challenges are (1) capturing records and metadata, (2) managing structured repositories, and (3) meeting security and compliance requirements.

To implement these solutions, there needs to be a lot of SharePoint customization and developments (costly and time consuming). In addition, there are three to four years of product lifecycles for the organizations to rework on the customizations.

Enadoc is an enterprise solution designed to complement features already offered in SharePoint while enhancing its document imaging capabilities.

Enadoc services add value for image-enabling requirements while having the capability to integrate with most Standard Based Systems for great convenience. Enadoc can integrate with your solution to bring images, metadata, and index information into structured libraries with proper categorization, tags, security policies, retention schedules, disaster recovery, and compliance all in a breeze.

Here is an enterprise document capture process with Enadoc. All documents that are needed to be wholly processed in SharePoint can be efficiently delivered by Enadoc: from capture, to search, to libraries, to sharing, to security.


Capture Process


Part 2: Working Together

When integrated with Enadoc, automated documents using Line of Business (LOB) data will be managed and tracked with ease.




With Enadoc and SharePoint working together, we have time-saving and cost-efficient document, workflow, and portal services including:

1. SharePoint Consultancy Services. We provide consulting services to orgs to plan, design, implement, and manage Microsoft SharePoint solutions via our Microsoft Certified consultants.

2. Document Management with SharePoint. We provide service for managing millions of digital and electronic records.

3. Document Capture for SharePoint. We provide organizations capture management solutions with automated capture, recognition, and transformation capabilities directly into your SharePoint libraries and other business applications.

4. Portal Solutions. We can work with you to design and deploy your intranet and public portals (extranet and internet) in a cost-effective manner.

5. SharePoint Workflows. We provide services to implement different workflow solution requirements using SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, and Microsoft InfoPath.

6. Enterprise Search. We can help you implement enterprise search solutions using built-in features or by integrating and developing custom search solutions.

7. Business Intelligence and Reporting. We provide services to develop business intelligence solutions, enterprise dashboards, and other business report requirements.

8. Custom Developments. We design and deploy custom solutions that leverage capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint to meet dynamic business requirements.

There we have it. Integrating SharePoint and Enadoc covers all key challenges in processing and managing bulk documents and content. Without the other, one solution would not function to its full capacity.