In every investment that you make, you want it worth every buck (that’s for sure). As for Enadoc, having a world class set of features is just the tip of the iceberg.

Benefits such as future and disaster-proofing, saving physical space, and optimizing workflows are already given. But how can you see these results in your organization, like totally?

Here’s how you can maximize Enadoc:

  1. Start by implementing

In other words: USE IT.

Why? Two things: (1) It’ll be a waste of money if you don’t, and (2) you’re doing yourself and us (the people behind Enadoc) a big favor by learning the system.

To dig deeper, making it a staple for your workflow exposes you to both of its streamlined features and parts subject for further streamlining. With your tenure in using it makes us hope for richer user feedback. And your feedback (if doable, have a point, or wouldn’t compromise the system) will be dully taken action to – because after all, it is built by humans prone to flaws, and you’ll be the one who will be using this DMS.

We improve Enadoc the way you use it while you’re mastering its use and reap its benefits.

And this cycle goes on just to make sure that it is really worth your every buck.


  1. Integration is a good idea

Because, why not? You already took the first step to digitally transform your business. Why not go for a few huge leaps?

Integrating it to your organizational platforms such as intranets, HR portals, and the like, would totally smoothen your workflows – making it the host for to share, store, and access files. Leave forms, appraisal sheets, and other to-be-filled digital copies would really come in handy if they’re accessible on those mediums.

Because Enadoc is this versatile (in case you’re unaware).


  1. Installing Enadoc downloadables won’t hurt

We’re in the age where being on-the-go IS a necessity, and technology takes advantage this through mobile apps and cloud storage spavces at the tip of our finger tips.

Enadoc IS its own technology – available across devices; strengthens seamlessness through supplementary downloadables: Enadoc 365 – Free document scanner (for iOS) and Enadoc 365 – Document Scanner (Outlook add-in).

These two work together to connect your mobile scanner to your Outlook email, Enadoc’s My Workspace, and local email sender. Now that’s the real on-the-go!


So what’s stopping you?

Don’t worry. All of these are as simple as 1-2-3. We’ll be with you along the way.

Still have doubts in maximizing this DMS? We know Enadoc like the back of our hands.

Talk to us.