Enadoc, like its mother innovation: Digital Transformation (DX), is dubbed as a double-edged sword that brings both the good and the adjustable changes. It has disrupted the very core of document management on varying industries – thus moving us to suggest some of the things you should let go when you have this in your arsenal:


Enadoc is for digital transformation. It supports more seamless workflows without the guilt of leaving physical tracks (which could crowd your workplace). And what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when dealing with documents?


Should you have built an attachment to those piles of close-to-rotting documents that are still valuable for your organization, now’s the time to get rid of them (but not totally as you still need what’s written on them).

Enadoc allows an S-to-S (Scanner-to-Storage) file archiving. No need of letting each scanned version go into your local drive and have tedious upload. Simply feed each page onto your scanner, set document values for easy retrieval, and voila – you’re all set!

Not just you have future-proofed your papers, but you also made digital copies of those accessible over Enadoc!

You can literally go full paperless with Enadoc.


Conventional work setting

With DX penetrating workflows after workflows, mobility in the workplace is becoming a necessity. Gone are the days when mobile phones are only used for SMS and calls. Now, It has become a tool for productivity.

This epiphany holds true for Enadoc: mobility to the most minute office function – disrupting known devices even more – simply to match on-the-go professionals like yourself.

Enadoc 365, Enadoc’s mobile behalf, works perfectly when digital copies of printed files are instantly needed. It’s a mobile document scanner that cradles the seamless connection of Outlook, Enadoc storage, and even your local email sender.

If you feel guilty working away from your cubicle which has all the hefty and dragging peripherals (scanners, printers, etc), you can now work at the pantry or a nearby coffee shop without the fear of disconnect.

You can break free through mobility!



Probably one of the questions about Enadoc is how it prevents leakages and hacking. Just so you know, Enadoc is backed with Azure Cloud and Hexagonal Security.

Azure Cloud has covert datacenters all over the globe, thus allowing data redundancy. 24/7 surveillance is also ensured to protect each data stored in it. This means that everything you put in to Enadoc are stored in Azure cloud and has multiple backups with high-end security protocols.

This also assures you that whenever a disaster (i.e., fire, flood, typhoon, earthquake, etc.) strikes your company, you sure have a go-to place to retrieve your digitized documents in no time… and that’s nowhere but in the storage that Enadoc is backed with – Azure cloud.

Hexagonal security, on the other hand, is a six-fold security feature enveloping Enadoc. This includes document encryption, redaction, user level access, and a whole lot more.

So as for you doubting its security, we doubt that your doubting would be helpful (pun intended).


Gains of letting go of these things?

Not plenty but relevant: More office space in place of papers, more opportunities for productivity because of mobility, and more confidence of going digital albeit cyberattacks because of high-end security posture.

That’s just the start of what Enadoc can do for you.

Did we miss some points? Did we overstate one of these three? We would like to know.

Talk to us.