Enadoc V1.4 Update

Two-Tier Solutions: Enadoc and SharePoint

  Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular solution platforms in the world. It empowers organizations to develop many different business solutions on a single platform. These solutions namely are intranets, public portals, enterprise search systems, content management systems,…Continue Reading →

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Enadoc v1.3.3 New Features and Enhancements

Written by: Jayani Abeyasinghe and Yashodha Nishadini Gankanda  New features Email Notification By enabling this security option, user can receive email notifications regarding every login to his/her account. This feature will help users to identify unauthorized access to their user accounts. Configurations will…Continue Reading →

A Peek at the Future: A Paperless Society

  Dehydrated pizza. Flying Cars. Hoverboards. Do these ring a bell? You’re right — these were all predictions that came out from Robert Zemeckis’ movie Back to the Future II. But we have seen that these innovations are very far off…Continue Reading →

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A look into how Tech One designs its apps and how it revolutionizes the design process. We at Tech One Global have been developing apps and software for quite a while now.  We aim to improve not just software and…Continue Reading →

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