Objection! Lawyer up with Enadoc

Don’t like dealing with too much documents? Well, just don’t. The legal industry is a demanding one. It takes a lot of effort to prepare for witness cross examinations, testimonials, court sessions, and studying cases. Add to it the huge…Continue Reading →

Cloud and On-Premise Hybrid: The Best of Both Worlds

“Change is the nature of the cloud” – David Lef, Principal Network Architect at Microsoft IT Change is difficult for everyone. The promises of a cloud-powered system sound so good with all of its wireless capabilities and promises of security….Continue Reading →

Enadoc: The Future of Document Management for Procurement

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3 Reasons Why Offices Should Have HR Appreciation Day

Pick one: Time, Money, Space, or the Environment?

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Paper or Paperless? 5 Main Differences

  Most traditional offices start with several reams of paper and a printer to print out company documents. As the company continues to exist for years, more and more documents will be printed. The company will then be faced with a…Continue Reading →

Security Levels for Document Management in an Organization

An organization wanting to increase its security should not focus on external threats but also consider the possibility of internal threats. Remember how Wikileaks started? A United States Army soldier who worked as an intelligent analyst, Bradley or Chelsea Manning,…Continue Reading →