Tag Cloud for business

Originally submitted by Rose Mananghaya on Sun, 04/27/2014 – 19:32

Upon reading or hearing tag cloud, what comes to mind at first? Maybe tag clouds in blogs, news sites, or tags for photos in Flickr have crossed your mind. But have you thought of businesses utilizing tag clouds especially for their productivity tools?

Tag clouds have become popular way back in 2003 when an online tool, Delicious, was created to save, organize, and discover interesting links online using tags. Since its launch, the website gained a huge following with the aid of tags, which proved to be a helpful innovative search feature.

Several years later, a photo sharing website, Flickr; blog search engine Technocrati, and music discovery service Last.fm integrated tags as part of their service. But for what reason? Tags are helpful in organizing a huge bulk of information and present frequency of tags in a visual form that is easy to view and filter through.

Other than helping organize documents, tags help users in saving time in seeing the most popular tag or in locating the right files.

With this in mind, why shouldn’t businesses follow suit and use tags?

After all, businesses have information stored in databases, documents, and computers that need to be organized. By storing them in one repository and powering it with a tag search functionality, in no time, employees will be able to locate the data he needs to maintain productive throughout the working week.

Finding files is one of the productivity killers in the workplace, as according to the Business Information Portal in the UK, an average employee spends one and a half hours a week looking for lost documents or information at work. The number of employees wasting time locating documents are not only in the hundreds, as almost 500,000 employees spend more than five hours a week doing this. Imagine just how much those hours can translate to cost!

Rather than remembering the actual file name of the document, users would want to search based on intuition to save time and to locate documents faster. Searching with snippets of what the document is about through keywords and tags is easier and can save time.

This is the idea that we applied with our document imaging system, Enadoc. Aside from establishing an efficient document management system in the company, Enadoc allows users to search using tags either by typing keywords or clicking on the tags visualized in the Tag Cloud.

If you are managing thousands of documents, there would be no need to manually assign tags on each document as the OCR/ICR technology takes care of this. However, if you need to change or add tags to the document, you may still have the freedom to do so, with the re-tagging option.

As the Tag Cloud is shown visually, users can use their touchscreen devices to touch instead of click on the tags. Each tag has the same color as the library it is located in, providing users with additional information just with the tag’s visual appearance.

So far, our customers have been benefiting from the Tag Cloud feature of Enadoc. How about you, how would you use Tag Cloud for your business?