Streamlining hr-01


In a company, the human resources department is one of the departments that possess various documents containing classified information, such as employee records. As employees come and go in every company, so as this department’s paper work.

With the number of physical documents human resources possess, document management may seem a struggle for them. Document management should be easy for human resources professionals because their priority is to provide support to the company and to the employees. With this, organizations should consider providing human resources with advanced tools and applications to facilitate streamlined business processes.

Given these circumstances, a document imaging system seems apt for human resources. Document imaging system sounds elaborate and thus, from someone who handles documents the traditional way, it may be overwhelming.

Enadoc simplifies document management and the document search process with the following features:

  1. Tag cloud. Minimize typing, search by clicking! Tag cloud is a visual representation of all the keywords (or tags) associated with documents. Refer to the tag cloud and click on the tag/s assigned to the document and retrieve that document.
  2. Find. As an alternative to the cloud, the user may also enter any keyword to search for documents. Just type the keyword and let Enadoc do its magic.
  3. Global search. Global search is another search option with wider search results. It enables users to find documents stored across multiple libraries. Keywords in a specific timeframe may also be used in the search by entering the period covered in the date fields.
  4. Wildcard search. Wildcard search can only be used in Enadoc’s global search, where it involves the usage of wildcard symbols in the search process. This is helpful if the user does not know the exact search word. In that case, the search keyword can be substituted by wildcard characters for any other characters in the search word.
  5. Advanced search. Compared to global search, advanced search is a more defined search option, which allows users to search within a specific library.


Certainly, security will not be forgotten. Enadoc implements a high level security system as it employs permission-setting which allows documents to be classified using various security levels. This is very relevant to human resources personnel since they possess various classified information. Based on the organizational hierarchy or a person’s scope of work, each user may be assigned a particular security level to ensure that he/she may only access specific information.

Enadoc helps the human resources department and your organization be more efficient.

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