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In the United Kingdom, which has a population of 63.23 million people (as of 2012), each person accounts for 130kg of waste. Meanwhile in commercial offices, each employee is accountable for around 500 kg of waste per year, 60% of which is paper and cardboard. These statistics are according to CO2e emissions due to office waste developed by Cundall Johnston & Partners.

Meanwhile, in the US, according to the American Forest and Paper Association, 68 million trees were used to produce 17 billion catalogues and 65 billion pieces of direct mail. According to the same source, the average American uses more than 748 pounds of paper per year.

Why are these statistics important? Clearly, using and wasting paper has an effect on the environment and the business as well, in terms of cost and space. You can read more about the differences of paper and paperless office by reading this blog post.

Today, there are already several systems offering cost-effective solutions to create a paperless office. Google and Microsoft are both offering cost-effective solutions for small businesses to manage documents online. But for those transitioning from traditional documents to an electronic document management system, a document imaging system can help in helping you undergo a more efficient transition.

Enadoc, a document imaging system, can help you with the process of going for a paperless setup in the workplace. Here are just some of the ways Enadoc can help you when transitioning:

1. We help you convert physical documents to electronic documents. As a complete and leading document imaging system provider, our Document Capture and Data Entry Services take care of the whole process of turning your physical documents into data. Our Live Document Capture Services, specifically, can allow us to scan documents in the customer’s location or in our service offices, depending on the customer service level requirements.

We use industry-standard document capture workflows to capture physical documents with     millions of records. Our standard workflow tasks include document preparation, document capture, image quality enhancement, data extraction/metadata entry, data quality control, and release.

2. Our service covers books and large format documents. Following international standards in document capture, we also help you capture books and large format documents through our Document Capture and Data Entry Services. Our industry-standard scanners can do the work from offshore or from the customer’s own office.

3. Have a system to recover documents in case of a disaster. Aside from the work that we’ll be doing for you in transitioning to a paperless office, we also provide you with peace of mind, since your documents will not be lost, damaged, or destroyed, in case of a disaster. Enadoc stores all your documents in a secure cloud. With this, you can retrieve your documents anytime and anywhere without worry.