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Time, space, money, or the environment — which one is the most important business asset? Enadoc has provided an answer.

As it turns out, every asset is equally important especially in the business world. With Enadoc, a Document Imaging system (for starters about document imaging system, read this), we don’t have to pick which asset we should bank on. Enadoc greatly helps businesses to save time, money, space, and the environment all at the same time.





Spare yourself from complicated and inefficient archiving

Earlier in our blog posts, we mentioned that Enadoc simply takes care of many things. Have you ever experienced looking for a file but couldn’t remember which folder to look into? Enadoc boasts its innovative feature called Tag Cloud. Simply scan the file using your favorite scanner or just upload the file on the Enadoc site, add your tags, and you’re done!

Now how does this work? Let’s say you can’t remember the exact file name you’re looking for, but you know it’s a receipt. locate the word receipt in the Tag cloud, click until you see the document, and voila, you have your file in two easy steps.

Strolling back-and-forth to filing cabinets and storage rooms consumes time and energy

This is true – much more when you’re in a big office with a myriad of papers. HR and finance personnel (or every single employee in the office) carry the same burden – they walk to the filing cabinets or a storage room to retrieve the document they are looking for. Once they found the document, they walk back to their work station. Now, multiply this around 30 times in a day times 5 working days… you get the point.

Enadoc already addresses this time and energy consuming problem: employees won’t have to stand up and leave their desks to look for a file. With the two-easy-step file retrieval, the possibilities are endless.

Like magic, locate and retrieve documents in a flash

It works like a charm; forget the traditional folder system. Welcome to the information era where more and more documents are becoming instantly demanded than ever. Information communication all around us is in dire need of everything quick – and we are lagging behind. Maybe this is the time for our offices to cope?  And oh, did we mention we’re just only at the beginning of the list?


US Currency: Wads of US bills fastened with rubber bands, close-up


No more dedicated personnel

Let’s accept it: humans are prone to errors. Moreover, whether we like it or not, we pay them regardless. Information handling is beginning to change the management landscape – and we need an automated system to do the daunting work. Isn’t it more lauding to allocate a dedicated personnel to do more meaningful tasks than to archive and retrieve files, which can be done automatically? Enadoc is the one you’re looking for.

Save up your budget from buying costly papers and inks

Here is an informative chart showing prices of ink cartridges:


Ink Prices 2

From QualityLogic, “Cost of Ink Per Page Analysis United States,” June 2012


Citing, “based on math, an individual will need to purchase 12 inkjet printer ink cartridges during the six-month period… if cartridges cost $28 each, plan spending $336 every six months.” But hey, don’t forget the bulk paper rims and printer energy costs.

 Sleep like a princess: Backups are always there!

Never again worry about disasters. Whether uncontrollable fire, or earthquake, or flood break loose into your office, have some beauty rest and be worry-free. Documents are the sustaining factor of the businesses. Reports tell us that businesses that suffered into a major data loss have shut down immediately. Yes, backups are important, but where those backups are is more important to have in mind. Other than prone-to-disaster physical storage, back up with cloud.

Enadoc just takes care of that. See how Enadoc lightens your life?

Say goodbye to costly systems, servers, and updates

The number one problem about home-grown systems is about updates and keeping up to date. These servers and systems may do well but these are also far from perfect.

The good thing about Software as a Service (SaaS) is automatic updates. You’ll never have to fret whether the solution you’re enjoying is the latest version (fixed issues, compatibilities, and drastic improvements).



More space to do work and fun

More space means more fun. An office pile-full of unusable printed papers is like hell unleashed on earth. Papers flung everywhere on your table loses your bravado, let alone your productivity. Work spaces are for personal spaces – and are never intended to be a majestic podiums for useless pile of papers.

Imagine a spacious workplace and office

We are not just bidding farewell to papers, we also say, “welcome, space (finally).” The president of Canon PH Marketing said that he imagines the Canon office should not be for papers and filing cabinets – where he could walk leisurely with spacious work place. In fact, they could un-clutter up their two to three rooms from papers to create more work spaces, he added. Workplaces become workplaces once again.




It’s not just another club: Actually save trees

Now we boil down to our last point: Environment. Here’s a good macro to hammer down the point:




Papers, however environment-friendly they are do come from trees. Did you know that there are certain parts of the forest that are reserved solely for producing papers? Yes, you heard that right. Eighty-seven percent of new paper comes from the trees that are raised only to become a paper. Keep in mind that these are not just trees waiting to be cut down, there are hundreds of ecosystems living in a single tree. The only solution? Lower the demand by not using papers.

Producing papers produces so much energy, so is recycling

In Europe alone, there were 1.21 million tons of waste in paper production. Hey, but we recycle papers! That’s true. However, recycling produces harmful by-products and wasteful energy. Recycling processes still use fossil fuels, which we all know affect the air we breathe. Also, there are by-products called paper sludge that contains paper fibers, inks, cleaning chemicals, and dyes, which only sip down straightly to our groundwater.


There we have it. If you had time to read through the entry, please have time to consider the things enumerated here. Worrying about cloud security? We got you covered. Management? Enadoc has a good one. Cloud for business? Why not?

It is only a moment of time where every business in pharmaceutical, banking, school, production, telecommunication, among other industries, will turn to cloud as their most trusted document imaging system. And finally, the lesson here is that we have just found out we could save time, money, space, and environment all at the same time.




QualityLogic, “Cost of Ink Per Page Analysis United States,” June 2012