by: Esciel Pacopac, contributing writer

Let’s face it: papers are still essential in everyday working scenario. We see it almost impossible to run a business without printing, stacking, and archiving physical documents to finish a task.

But this workplace belief is currently changing.

Few years back, we think that it is unavoidable for every business to work in the traditional way, but not anymore.

We can now actually overcome the struggles of employees who hate the clutter and un-indexed papers on their tables and cabinets. Here are three known methods to start lessening paper clutters in your office:

  • First is employee training and enablement – the more informed and trained they are, the more efficient they are in handling papers and ultimately adapting paperless environment.
  • Second is recycle all the unnecessary documents – the challenge here however is determining what necessary documents are and what aren’t.
  • Third is plan and be involved in waste management of the company – you’ll get to know how often your department or business take out paper wastes. With this, you can gauge whether you need to reduce paper intake or initiate measures to recycle papers or implement a Document Management System.


Paper is Good.

…but why should paper usage be reduced in the office? Would that be enough to finally remove the clutter?

To tell you the truth, reducing paper usage is not enough. Modern businesses normally implement a Document Management System to scan important documents in paper to be digitized. Digital documents bring tremendous benefits compared to keeping physical documents in paper – thus going paperless.

Listed here are some reasons why modern businesses such as yours must go paperless:

  • Digital documents are easily saved and retrieved on-the-go – these can also be shared with your coworkers over an intranet network, or externally via email. The post-disaster retrieval capability as well gives an assurance that everything can be backed up in a cloud storage, thus making it easier for businesses to get back on their feet after a devastation.
  • Financial benefits – saved cost in going paperless extends beyond the cost of storage, paper rims, and printer ink. Not just that, efforts, energy, and time are also conserved in managing and processing documents within the business.
  • Environmental friendliness – a paperless environment may also mean less energy consumption. This allows printers, faxes, and copiers to be inactive, lessening the carbon footprint in the environment.


Going paperless is feasible.

Imagine the reality of concept. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, AI, and automation, there are a lot of methods to lessen the mountainous pile of papers on your table. In relation to this, having a quick and proactive mentality could help you maximize office space, organizational efforts, costs, and even environmental awareness inside your company.

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