As far as the environmental and economic concerns, we should consider paper production differently. On a popular notion, paper production is far better than plastic production. However, over the years of researches and rising global issues, this is not the case — both productions are (surprisingly) dangerously detrimental to environment and economy. This fact has been a conduit for businesses and institutions all over the world to bid goodbye to papers. Although a bit tedious, taking the first step would definitely grant long-term benefits.

Recently, the dangers of paper production has been put in a lighter shade. This led to people being unmindful over excessive usage of paper (since paper is far better than plastic, right? No.) This insightful infograph will shed light on how paper demand and production bring havoc to environment and of course, to economy. But most importantly, the question we need to answer is: “What harmful effect is enough to stop us from using paper?”

At the end of the day, it’s ultimately our choice — start reducing paper consumption or Paper now, Pay later?