Don’t like dealing with too much documents? Well, just don’t.

The legal industry is a demanding one. It takes a lot of effort to prepare for witness cross examinations, testimonials, court sessions, and studying cases. Add to it the huge amount of paperwork lawyers have to deal with every day, almost as if it’s a full-time job all by itself.

That’s why every legal office should get a data room in the form of a document management system. Scan physical files with Enadoc and digitize them.

The time every lawyer is spending on sorting out documents should be put into handling more cases. Every moment spent on stacking folders and sorting files is a case that passed through the office and went straight to the other firm. We don’t want that, do we?

Reliability and Accessibility

With the advent of data rooms, lawyers have more options now in storing their files and documents. However, a data room alone is not enough to fully go “paperless” because it lacks one fundamental attribute that the paper world has — organization. A data room alone is basically a big room with no compartments, divisions, and selections, imagine it like a big open apartment with nothing but papers all jumbled together.

What lawyers need is not just a data room but an efficient document management system. A DMS such as Enadoc brings the order needed when the pleadings, statements, testimonials, and contracts are piling up. As the number of digital documents grow, the ability to gather all these tiny details scattered across documents together into a “case file” gets more difficult over time.


One may argue that a manually standardized file-naming system is enough to organize files. Sadly, this system only works if everyone, at all instances, complies. If ever someone in the firm decides to not follow the system just for one time, it will start to break down. As entropy, the second law of thermodynamics says: any system will go from organized to disorganized over time without continuously exerting more effort to keep it organized.

So, what should a legal firm do? Get a document management system. It’s the virtual cabinet and stack of folders that a data room needs to keep all pleadings, emails, and other documents organized. Enadoc for example, can scan physical files and tag them under one category which groups all files of the same type together.

Documents can be categorized based on nature, case, form, (pleadings, affidavits, etc.) client, and more. Enadoc also allows searching by keyword or tags, type of document (as specified by the user), and other criteria. Physical files? No worries, Enadoc is a document management system that prides itself with its scanning features — you can scan the documents, tag them for future use, and save them in a cloud supported storage.


Enadoc can also be used remotely if you are always on the go. Ongoing trial and you need a crucial document for cross examination? Just pull out your phone integrated with the cloud and access your digital files. You can even review cases while on the airplane or right in the comfort of your home without excess papers lying around.

Lawyers are the sponge of problems. When a client seeks legal help after weeks of no sleep and obliterated social life, it’s the lawyers who are there to soak up all their problems so that they can rest easy even just for a short moment. A client’s problem is a lawyer’s problem. Legal work is centered between the client and the lawyer and no clutter of document should ever hinder this process.

Stop looking for the needles in the haystack, get Enadoc now as the foundation of your document management needs.

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