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Can’t imagine the healthcare industry without paper? This may seem impossible because the industry relies heavily on documents (just like any industry). However, with the advent of digitizing medical records, the industry is still searching for a technology that can streamline processes.

In addition, few issues may arise since this industry possesses loads of information and these information are contained in physical documents. Aside from their main responsibilities, healthcare professionals also need to look after patient information. Should there be an occurrence of a patient chart or record loss, security of classified information may also potentially be at risk. While some hospitals, clinics, or health centers may have their medical records stored digitally, accessibility of information may still be an issue in the event of system downtime. With physical documents, additional patient rooms or medical facilities turn into storage rooms for filing cabinets, data room, and such. Storing physical documents would also entail allocating budget for paper, additional process of encoding data… and the list goes on.

Enadoc, an innovative enterprise document imaging system, may offer a solution to the challenges faced by the industry. Enadoc’s features may come in handy for efficient management of documents:

1. Tag cloud. Minimize the typing and use the tag cloud feature. Tag cloud is a visual representation of all the keywords (or tags) associated with documents. With just a few clicks, the user will be able to find the document he/she is looking for by clicking the keyword/s relevant to the search.

2. Find. As an alternative to the cloud, the user may also enter any keyword to search for documents. Just type the keyword and let Enadoc do its magic.

3. Global search. Global search is another search option with wider search results. It enables users to find documents stored across multiple libraries. Keywords in a specific timeframe may also be used in the search by entering the period covered in the date fields.

4. Advanced search. Compared to global search, advanced search is a more defined search option, which allows users to search within a specific library.

More importantly, Enadoc offers security features to ensure that documents are stored safely. Enadoc’s system also permits documents to be classified using various security levels. For instance, a hospital may adapt 6 security levels – of which level 1 is accessible to the public. Based on the organizational hierarchy or a person’s scope of work, each user may be assigned a particular security level to ensure that he/she may only access specific information. Aside from the health workers who will benefit from document imaging system, our environment will also benefit from going paperless. If you think that this technology is only applicable to certain industries, maybe it’s time to reconsider.

Go with Enadoc today and see the benefits of going paperless. Click here to know more.