2017 will be about empowerment and what can be more empowering than our mobile phones that gets smarter and smarter? We do everything with them: calendar, schedules, news, social media, and now, even scanning day-to-day documents. How? With the help of Tech One Global’s newest mobile app: Enadoc 365.

With that in mind, here are five instances how this app can save your life.




Reimbursements are a gift to almost anyone. Nowadays, if you are a working individual, company reimbursements are most likely a gift from the heavens above and they revolve around one common requirement: receipts.

But what will you do if your receipt is gone? Wouldn’t it be nice if you have a digital backup in your phone just in case?

With an on-the-go document management application, you can now backup that precious receipt from a Chinese restaurant you just dined in together with your client. Now, it’s not a guarantee that the digital copy will be honored by your company, but there’s a big chance if it looks like the real thing complete with clear figures and details that Enadoc 365 coincidentally prides itself for: top-of-the-line OCR technology.


Taking Notes


It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or not, jotting down notes is one of the fundamental activities needed to learn new skills or improve existing ones. Millennials have learned how to use the glorious technology of mobile cameras to capture the notes on the board. Why not ramp it up with a full on-the-go scanner?

Capture your notes from different sources (handouts, tutorials, whiteboards, etc.) and see how Enadoc 365 separates itself from your everyday mobile camera by cleaning your newly-scanned document and giving it email integration for those pesky overdue projects. Scan and send them ASAP.




It’s not just a photo; it’s a document. A fully-functioning document that can be compiled and attached to official reports and projects. Enadoc 365 does not only capture image, it documents and files them to your email. It works better if you have an Outlook or Office 365 account as it also serves as an add-in to Outlook, Allowing you to directly attach your scanned documents for easy access and cloud integration.


On-the-go transactions


If you can attach it on email while on-the-go, it means you can use that document as soon as possible. You don’t have to bother yourself anymore with finding the nearest scanning services just so that you can use a crucial report on a sales pitch, just scan it with Enadoc 365 and you’re good to go.


Access through collaboration


What’s better than one Enadoc 365? Five of them, or maybe more! Enadoc 365 is already useful as it is (if used by a single person), but it truly shines when a whole team uses it for collaboration. With an Enadoc 365-empowered workforce, anyone is now free to share and upload scanned documents.

Just imagine what you can do with that: share notes, documents, revisions, reviews, and project plans while everyone is working remotely.

You can upload freshly-scanned documents in the cloud or even attach it directly on email addressed to the whole company. The possibilities are limitless and all of these available in your pocket.

Enadoc 365 is truly an innovation. The best thing about it? It’s now free on iTunes. Just click here and try it out for yourself!