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In our previous blog, we have enumerated the benefits of implementing Enadoc in the education industry. This time, we will be discussing how our document management system can help the healthcare industry in making more time to focus on the needs of the patients, rather than on their records.

Hospitals of all types and sizes face extreme pressure when it comes to maintaining accreditations at a very competitive advantage. They have to make sure that they deliver high quality patient care while considering operational expenses. One of these is maintaining a physical space for storage of patient charts, regulatory registration forms, accreditation forms insurance forms, waivers, treatment forms, employee-related forms and many more. Most of these information are accessed and retrieved manually.

We can see that the main struggle in hospitals is organizing and retrieving files easily and quickly. With streamlining the process, employees can work easily and focus more on the patients’ needs. To be able to store all data without using any physical space is one way to ensure efficiency. Another way to make things more lucrative for patient care is to be able to access files instantly and to disseminate them without the manual process.

With today’s technology, the abovementioned solutions are now possible. Streamlining workflow through automation in hospitals will give more time for nursing and curing patients as well as the employees of the hospital will be more lucrative. To have this kind of automation in processing documents, hospitals need a dependable, high-quality but cost-efficient document management system.

Enadoc is a document management system that is built for those kind of requirements. Through Enadoc’s unique features and workflow improvement process, hospitals will be able to experience the ease of gathering, storing, retrieving and disseminating all types of data, whether patient-related or employee-related.


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Features of Enadoc for streamlining and automating the workflow in hospitals:

1.Tag Cloud. This is what sets us apart from other DMS. Tag cloud is a visual representation of all the keywords (or tags) associated with documents. To use this feature in hospitals, we can create a Tag named PATIENT RECORDS 2015. Under that tag, all documents will be retrieved, viewed and even distributed.

2.Find. Aside from the tag cloud, this feature allow authorized users to freely type keywords to retrieve and view documents – patient or employee related.

3.Collaboration. Find the ease of implementing Enadoc in your system as it works with existing office applications such as:

4.Hexagonal security.  Enadoc’s hexagonal security is comprised of both passive and active security. With Passive Security, you can prevent unauthorized users to view and disseminate documents. The documents are protected with encryption. With Active Security, you can assign levels of access to certain users.

5.Disaster recovery. With Enadoc’s recovery system, all types of documents will be fully secured in the cloud, providing readily-accessible back up in case the physical documents get wiped out.

6.DICOM.  Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging. It includes a file format definition and a network communications protocol. Not all DMS can handle DICOM formats, but Enadoc can.


To know more about the features of Enadoc and how it can be fully utilized in the healthcare industry, please visit www.enadoc.com . You may also follow us on Twitter @EnadocCloud to get the latest news and updates.