From our previous blog, we have discussed the top industries that need document management system and one of these was the education industry.

For now, we will focus more on the benefits and features of Enadoc that can help automate and streamline the tedious process of enrolling students, hiring of new employees and even disseminating, editing, and retrieving various documents within the institution.




What are the main features of Enadoc and how can the education industry benefit from them?

  1. Tag cloud.  This is a visual representation of all the keywords (or tags) associated with documents.  Through tag cloud, searching for student records will be much easier as there will be keywords, ready for clicking. Let’s say the registrar needs to locate 2012 records of students. In Enadoc, you can create a 2012 tag and all files from that year will be retrieved.
  2. Find.This is the alternate of the Tag Cloud feature. Students, teachers and even employees may enter various keywords to search for documents specifically for their needs. Finding your documents can be searched also using Global Search andAdvanced Search.
  1. Collaboration. Depending on the subscription, teachers and employees can access certain files anywhere, anytime as Enadoc is mobile-ready. As Enadoc is integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, viewing and retrieving files will be a lot easier. This serves as a repository for school requirements, either student-related or employee related documents. For example, students can retrieve project requirements through SharePoint. For teachers, they can store project requirements so there’s no need to produce through paper and disseminate to students. As for employees, enrollment forms can be stored and retrieved instantly. Teachers can also store their lesson plans. This can be a tool to save time and money in sending and receiving tasks to students, even to school employees.
  1. Hexagonal security. Student records, needless to say are highly confidential. Enadoc’s hexagonal security is comprised of both passive and active security. With passive security, you can prevent unauthorized users to view and disseminate documents. The documents are protected with encryption. With active security, you can assign levels of access to certain users. This is done by assigning usernames and passwords and implementing role-based security. For example, only the registrars have access to records of students; the administrative staff have sole access to information about employees; only one or two designated person can access employee and student information.
  1. Disaster recovery. Natural disasters are inevitable. With Enadoc’s recovery system, all types of documents will be fully secured in the cloud, providing readily-accessible back up in case the physical documents get wiped out. Enadoc has been developed to meet industry-standards and other compliance requirements.

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