Enadoc 1.7 update

Enadoc holds to be your versatile document management system. It continues to evolve as it adopts newer technologies and usability features to improve user experience and functionality, aside from a sleeker user interface.

This update mainly provides much-awaited DMS capabilities that would aid the use of its primary target users: HR, finance, and IT departments across industries.


What’s new?

PDF Editing

You can now make changes to the uploaded pdf file in My Workspace. This update allows you to use annotations or markings to suggest changes, provide feedback, or even cite whether a document is approved or not. These annotations are classified into two:

  • Vector graphics – it has functions to highlight, underline, or even encircle or put a certain text portion in a rectangle
  • Stamps – this annotation type allows users to mark a pdf file either approved or denied.

pdf editing

Along with the annotations are functions to split, combine, and bookmark pdf pages, much like a of a pdf reader. The main difference is that you can do it straight from My Workspace and smoothly upload it to Enadoc.


Document Versioning

Since My Workspace has introduced document editing capabilities, access to document versions was also added to the arsenal. You can access document versions without the need to ask permission from other users, making the collaboration process faster and efficient. This also shows the name of the user who edited the file and the date and time it was changed.


Invisible Watermarking

To further enhance document security and authentication processes, Enadoc 1.7 gives invisible watermarking feature that allows you to put and track digital watermarks to embed your preferred authentication data to a document. To use this feature, it should be downloaded from the Apps & Services Panel in Enadoc.


Save search for future reference

Saving at least 10 past document searches, this feature lets you retrieve results whenever you need them. View each past file search in the Search History dropdown list in the Advanced Search page.



Few modifications

Reference tag dropdown list

Whenever putting a reference tag to a document, a dropdown list filters the values allowing a much smoother tagging process.


Barcode/QR codes

Smart tags can now be generated from documents that has barcodes or QR codes in them.

Smart tag generation for bar codes


QR code smart tags

Smart tag generation for QR codes


Document upload

Uploading documents can be done in three ways:

  • Via Enadoc Connect – up to 100MB; can allow maximum of 200MB once documents are uploaded as text files
  • Via API – up to 200mb
  • Via KOFAX – no limit


API Webhooks

Webhooks can now be used to capture event data such as document metadata.


These are just a glimpse of the new additions Enadoc has for you. We’ll surely keep you posted of the upcoming updates and features to aid your use of this top-notch document management system.

Experience its mobile-behalf! Download you free version of Enadoc 365 on Android here and IOS here.

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