The trends for a document management system are ever-changing. To adapt to this technological phenomenon, Enadoc ensures relevant updates that showcase new features and modifications for a better user experience.

We’re proud to present Enadoc’s most recent installment, the version 1.5.3, with these features and modifications:

  • Index Text Prediction

If you use the same index values frequently, it would be easier if you can find them without typing the full text. Now, there is an index page option that enables this feature for text type indexes. If you enable text prediction, a list of available index values will be suggested by the system as you type.

This is available in all Enadoc text fields where values for indexes can be entered.


  • My Workspace new UI with upload and capture

Instead of having a separate function like Enadoc Capture for uploading documents to My Workspace, the upload and capture functions are now included My Workspace’s interface. This makes uploading a lot easier since syncing local folders to My Workspace using a downloaded Enadoc desktop app is no longer needed.


My Workspace’s new interface lets users see the flow of the process easily through the navigations, making the user experience straightforward and seamless.

  • My Workspace feature for the mobile site

Now, you can access My Workspace through your device and manage the uploaded documents. You can delete documents by tapping on the trash bin icon. To switch to the large view of a document, tap on its thumbnail.



  • Enadoc emails include the sender’s name

The username of the sender is now mentioned in the ‘share document’ emails and workflow notifications (or request emails).

  • New UI for document viewer via Enadoc API

New API methods were added to search and retrieve documents. Also, a newly modified UI for Enadoc document viewer are now applied when accessing it through Enadoc API.

This update also fixed some bugs in the desktop and mobile site versions of Enadoc.

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