Enadoc v1.4 is here!


OneDrive and Azure storage for Enadoc Cloud

In previous versions, Enadoc Cloud did not have the capability for users to create their preferred storage locations. In this version, Enadoc provides multiple storage options where users can select their own storage locations to store documents. Likewise, they can use Enadoc Azure storage to store documents.

In the cloud solution, users will be able to set storage locations in Azure/OneDrive for Business/OneDrive under the Enadoc Capture Settings. Users can still create storage locations after adding required storage account. With this, one storage account can be used to create one or more storage locations. Users can create Folder Hierarchy and Document Naming options for OneDrive/OneDrive for Business storages.




Capture on Firefox, Edge, Chrome.

Enadoc Capture enhanced its compatibility with the following browsers:

  • Edge 20 or above
  • Firefox 42 or above
  • Chrome 45, 46, 47 or above
  • IE 11

New API (V2)

Enadoc API V2 has been released with enhanced security. Enadoc API V1 will be discontinued after 31st of July 2016.

 Language Support Framework

A language support framework has been implemented to facilitate multi-language capability of Enadoc. This allows Enadoc users to convert the whole system into their preferred language. Upon the request of the users, different languages can be added to Enadoc and users will be able to select a language from My Settings.

Tag cloud re-arrangement option

Enadoc users will be able now to arrange the tag cloud according to their preference from the given options. This option will be available only in the main tag cloud and the library tag cloud. By default, the tags are arranged randomly. Users can arrange the tag cloud real time by using sort options below.  Tags will be retrieved and loaded according to the selected option. The latest selection will be saved.

  1. Random (Default)
  2. Recently searched –  according to the accessed order
  3. Most searched –   according to the clicking frequency
  4. Most Tagged – according to the weight of the documents. Tags with more documents will be displayed first.
  5. Least used – opposite of the ‘Most searched’ staring from un-used tags
  6. Alphabetical (A-Z)
  7. Alphabetical (Z-A)


Feature Enhancements:

Report modification

Update in Reports (View Logs/Print Logs/ E-Mail Logs). Instead of displaying Document ID, it will display the index values of the document in reports. When user selects a report type as ‘View Logs’, ‘Print Logs,’ or ‘E-Mail Logs’ user will be able to select the option of ‘Display Indexes.’ Once clicked on ‘Display Indexes,’ all the indexes of the library will be loaded with check boxes. Users could select indexes that should be loaded within the report.

My Workspace


Enhancement 1


As an update of My Workspace, multi-pages documents can be rearranged by changing the order of the pages.