New Feature: MFP Connect

Most of the companies in the world use multi-function peripheral (MFP) as an office machine which incorporates functionality of multiple devices. A typical MFP may act as a combination of some or all of the following devices: email, fax, photocopier, printer, and scanner.  Therefore, most of the companies use MFP to manage their document-related processes. As a pioneer document imaging solution, Enadoc is always trying to integrate with external applications/tools to provide more advantages for the Enadoc clients.

As a result of Enadoc integration with MFP, Enadoc MFP Connect has been developed as a separate app, which can be used to sync scanned documents with Enadoc.

MFP connect can be downloaded from Enadoc system “Apps & Services” Enadoc Apps and this will be available only in Enadoc cloud solution.

Scanned documents through the MFP will be stored in a predefined user folder. This folder can be on a network or on a PC which is connected with a network. (Client side)

MFP Connect is an app that we provide to upload scanned documents to Enadoc’s system. First, the scanned documents will be uploaded automatically to the user’s Workspace. Then, the user will be able to upload the documents to Enadoc from the Workspace.


My workspace


Process Description

Enadoc users will be able to login to MFP Connect using their Enadoc user account.

When the user logs in to MFP app, user will be able to sync with a user folder in the network path or PC. After selecting the user folder, all the documents in that folder will be automatically uploaded to the user’s Workspace. Those documents will be displayed in “My Workspace” until the specific user uploads documents to Enadoc. Whenever a user logs in to Enadoc, there will be a notification count in Enadoc Workspace that indicates the number of documents waiting to be uploaded. The user can then click on My Workspace to view all the available documents and upload the documents to Enadoc. The user will be able to combine, organize available documents before uploading to Enadoc.


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Written by: Yashodha Gankanda and Jayani Abeyasinghe