Blog Image_Enadoc v1.3.3-01

Written by: Jayani Abeyasinghe and Yashodha Nishadini Gankanda 

New features

Email Notification

By enabling this security option, user can receive email notifications regarding every login to his/her account. This feature will help users to identify unauthorized access to their user accounts. Configurations will be available in ‘My Settings’ -> ‘Security’.




Email will notify the user about the OS, browser, date/time, location and the IP address of the logged in machine.

New license feature: Enadoc mail server

To share documents and to send email notifications through Enadoc, users should configure a mail server within the system. In previous versions, users had to use their own mail server by configuring settings under the mail server settings.

In this version user will be able to use Enadoc mail server by purchasing the license feature. Then the Enadoc mail server option will be available for the user to select, either Enadoc mail server or customized mail server. If user selects the customized mail server option, user should configure their own mail server by entering required details as in the previous versions.


UI/UX update

Tag search, global search, advanced search panels and the results panel were updated with a new UI design. The new design has utilized the full page for displaying tag cloud and the results (list view/thumbnail view).  Also user will be able to see a preview of the document at the list view.





Email Enhancement: Share document as a link

Users will be able to send the document URL with in an email. This option is available within the email sending pop up at the advanced functions of the document viewer.

If the user has selected ‘share document as a link’, document link will be included in the email body and the receiver will be able to open the document by clicking the link. User should login to the Enadoc before viewing the document and user will be able to access the document according to the user permissions.

API Enhancement

Few new methods has been introduced to access Enadoc easily through their external applications. Users can upload documents to Enadoc using this new method and it will return a reference id which they can use to view document, add/view flags, comments to the document.


  1. Upload Document V2

Through this method user will receive a reference id to identify the uploaded document.

UploadDocumentV2( string RequestToken, int  LibraryId,int  CaptureProfileId, string DocumentDataXML, byte DocumentStream)


  1. Get Document URL

 Through this method user will be able to receive the Document URL of the uploaded document.

GetDocumentURL( string RequestToken, string  refID)


  1. Add Comment

 Via this method user will be able to add comments to the uploaded document.

AddComment( string RequestToken ,string  refID, string  Comment)


  1. Get Flags

 Through this method user will be able to get all the available flags of a specific library.

GetFlags( string RequestToken, int  LibraryID)


  1. Create Flag

 Using this method user will be able to create new flags for the uploaded document.

CreateFlag(string RequestToken, int LibraryID, string newFlag)


  1. Add Flag

 Using this method user can add flags to the uploaded document.

AddFlag( string RequestToken, string  refID, string  tagText)


  1. Get Document Flags

 Via this method user will be able to get Flags of the uploaded document.

GetDocumentFlags(string RequestToken, string ReferanceId)


  1. Get Document Comments

 Using this method user will be able to get all the comments of the uploaded document.

GetDocumentComments (string RequestToken, string ReferanceId)