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January 29, 2018 — Digital transformation has always been a hard pill to swallow especially for organizations that have been so used to operating under traditional means. The gap between traditional workflow and the digital realm was always what Enadoc was trying to bridge. The launch of Enadoc 365 on all Android powered devices marks another huge step in bridging that gap.

This is aligned with today’s context of mobile-first, cloud-first world where each second of productivity is a crucial element to the success or failure of a company. For years now, Enadoc has been changing the digital landscape of many industries: finance, health, government, and a whole lot more by digitizing and bringing a huge bulk of the company’s workflow into digital. Tech One Global believes that the key for digital transformation is speed and accessibility. Enadoc 365’s release on Google Play Store opens up new avenues for seamless collaboration, digitization, and overall corporate mobility.

Much like its initial IOS release, Enadoc 365 for Android still has the following features that users loved and enjoyed including:

Edit and go

Remove downtime! Enadoc 365 empowers every employee by removing the downtime between editing and processing. The innovative document management system can capture, scan, and edit on-the-go through any mobile phone. This is supplemented by a user-friendly UI refined with modern UX standards and a team of reliable developers working hard day and night to keep the application up-to-date and secured.

Best thing? It’s all for free.

Share and collaborate seamlessly

Digital transformation is nothing without collaboration. Enadoc 365 allows you to collaborate seamlessly across all your productivity applications by putting everything you need in one place. No more changing apps just to share the document you just captured while drinking your morning coffee.

Enadoc 365 also allows you to immediately attach the documents you captured to your emails. Whether you are using Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, or your default email app, rest assured that your documents are always ready for any circumstance.

Beyond the limits

Enadoc 365 sets itself apart from your everyday document solution by staying up-to-date with the latest trends in business workflow. Tech One Global prides itself as a digital transformation icon and we are continuously exploring and extending the limits of seamless document storage and sharing efficiency.

Enadoc 365 is the finest document management system in the palm of your hands. Harness its power today with a tap of your thumb.

You can download it now for free by clicking here

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