Climate change affects everyone on this planet and believe it or not, with #EarthHour, you can do something about it.

This Saturday, March 25, a worldwide celebration of the annual “Earth Hour” will take place in each corner of the planet. It’s a global movement that aims to give Earth a breathing room.  Now on its 10th year, spanning more than 7,000 cities worldwide, the symbolic event has grown into a global movement.

In Earth Hour Organization’s article “3 things YOU can do to help #ChangeClimateChange” written by Ruby Chen, the organization pinpointed three things that anyone can do to save our Mother (or Father) Earth:


Start by claiming a new (or old) mantra — reduce, reuse, and recycle.

But how? According to Chen, you can start by using what you have!

Going shopping? Drop the plastics and bring your own bag. Files to manage? Go digital instead of printing them. Sometimes, the simplest things that we can do give the biggest impact. In a corporate context, investing in a full digital infrastructure will cut your carbon footprint.

For example, a DMS can straight up scan and digitize paper documents, which in turn lessens overall paper usage.


Focus on what’s sustainable

Invest in sustainable and eco-friendly business operations and reduce your carbon footprint now. You can start investing on a cloud infrastructure to reduce on-site operation costs. Maintaining a cloud platform costs less and is easier to sustain with today’s technology, which in turn results into less resource consumption.

We are at an age where technological advancements are shifting to more environmental-friendly approaches. Harness it now and help save our planet.


Save Energy, Join Earth Hour

Let’s face it: we spend too much resources just to maintain our everyday operations. This can be cut by investing more on digital infrastructure to enable our operations to use different working conditions: office, home, and even on-the-go.

Not only does this empower the workforce but this will also cut a huge chunk of resources that conventional business operations demand.

As always, the first step is by digitizing everything and introducing a digital workflow. Nothing that the innovative document management system, Enadoc, can’t handle.

As advocates of digital transformation and a paperless industry, Tech One Global supports the Earth Hour movement. Join Tech One Global in a crusade to save the planet by digitizing and optimizing business operations to make them seamless and more environment-friendly.

Because we believe that technology and the environment can meet halfway to make a better world.