Enadoc is on a roll of improving its functionalities for a better user experience. It’s newest update release Version delivers better UI and UX. Feature modifications are listed below: 

Improved print function for document viewer 

The print function for the new document viewer for Enadoc was introduced in version 1.7. Its modification in version primarily added assistive texts for prompts, dropdown lists and buttons for printing functions.  

If you haven’t installed the Enadoc Device Connector prior to using the printing function of the most current version, you will be prompted to install it. However, if it was already installed in your device, printing will continue.

The right-hand portion of the document viewer now displays the essential parameters before printing. This includes: 

  1. Printer type
  2. Color
  3. Paper size
  4. Orientation
  5. Pages
  6. Option to print comments and flags
  7. Margins

You can now view printing status and printing cancellation option at the bottom-right portion of the screen. 

This feature modification doesn’t just provide visual ease for users but also provides the necessary printing tools and functionalities in the right screen areas. 

Enadoc Device Connector license expiration notification 

Upon acquisition, your Enadoc Device Connector license expires after a year. If this happens, the connection between your Enadoc account and your printing/scanning peripherals will be stopped.  

Version added system prompts to remind you to contact the Enadoc Support Team to renew and reactivate your device connector license. This will show up in your PC’s notification panel at the bottom part of your home screen twice: (1) 30 days before the expiration of license and (2) on the day of expiration itself. 

For questions or concerns about these feature modifications, kindly send us a message here