You can now directly upload scanned documents from Enadoc 365 to an Enadoc library. This is the newest installment for Enadoc’s mobile-behalf.

Enadoc 365 continuously proves that it can match the premium Enadoc has established. Its hand-held competencies had exceeded expectations since its development, few notches ahead from your conventional mobile document scanner. And with this update, mobile scanning gets a lot better through a seamless connection with storage.

Looking back, aside from spot-on document scanning and improving the scanned document’s look and dimensions, it was designed to mediate the processes happening between Enadoc and My Workspace, and between Enadoc and email platforms (especially Outlook) for email attachments.

But now, you can literally scan and go backup the digital copies of your documents. Here’s how you do it:

Upon opening the newest version of this app, Tag Profiles from your Enadoc subscription are displayed. Once you choose your desired Tag Profile/s, the app will then direct you to set the indexes for that specific tag profile.

After selecting indexes for your scanned documents, you have to supply each index values like the document ID, document type, or the date of upload.

Once the tag profiles and index values are all assigned, you are all set to scan that document through the lens of your camera. All image enhancement tools are still there at the bottom part of the screen.

Click the Send button at the top-right corner of the app interface. It well then lead you to the Actions tab where you can choose which format will your scanned photo be saved. Then tap on the Upload to Enadoc to continue saving.

The Upload to Enadoc screen will show you two options. Tap on the Direct Upload option to start the uploading process.

The app will notify you if the upload is successful. If it is, you can immediately access the scanned file via an Enadoc Library.

Also included in the Enadoc 365 version 1.6.1 are performance enhancements such as smoother editing process for cropping scanned documents and faster capturing speed.

Experience these updates in iOS by clicking here for FREE. You can also try the older version in Android by clicking here.