Enadoc is still your ever-flexible and adaptive document management system you could ever have. This holds true to the changes and modifications we have applied to make a better user experience.

What’s new?

Printing made more upfront.

In this newest Enadoc version, you no longer need to go from app to app just to scan and to print. The printing option is now included in the Device Connect interface. In case you haven’t installed the Device Connect yet, the system is generous enough to remind you to install it. Sweet.

This new interface also allows you to tweak the color, size, orientation, and other image properties before printing.


Few modifications

  • Enadoc Reports

In terms of file access, people who uploaded or viewed the file can now be tracked. You can now access the Upload logs and IP address activity records.

  • Account

Visual representations are always welcome especially on things that we want to keep track instantly. As for this, Enadoc’s account page now lets you see the account owner and the available storage space at a glance. Say goodbye to several buttons and tabs to click just to see these details.

You can now also set the time zone to correspond to the date and time of a country you are in. This adds precision to the IP address activities and upload logs.


Gone are the days that you’ll surprise fellow users for a 3 AM document upload. They’ll now see that you’re on a different time zone and have nothing to worry about.


What’s to come?

We’ll be saving some for your imagination for now. All we can assure you is that we’re making Enadoc better and better!

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