Document Search Simplified

Do you have to go through piles of papers when searching for a document? Do you dread going through archives? If you answered yes to these questions then it’s time for you to meet Enadoc. See for yourself and experience an efficient document search.

For a proficient document management and for the convenience of users, Enadoc provides several document search options:


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  1. Tag cloud. Tag cloud is a visual representation of all the keywords (or tags) associated with documents. With just a few clicks, the user will be able to find the document he/she is looking for by clicking the keyword/s relevant to the search.
  2. Find. As an alternative to the tag cloud, the user may also enter any keyword to search for documents. Just type the keyword and let Enadoc do its magic.
  3. Global search. Global search is another search option with wider search results. It enables users to find documents stored across multiple libraries. Keywords in a specific timeframe may also be used in the search by entering the period covered in the date fields.
  4. Advanced search. Compared to global search, advanced search is a more defined search option, which allows users to search within a specific library.
  5. Document Full Text Search. This feature enables users to search an entire PDF document using words or paragraphs. Full-text document search is also integrated with the other document search options.
  6. Integrated Find Option. This feature is an innovative document search facility wherein Enadoc is integrated with external standard-based systems. As an alternative to entering keywords to filter documents or tags, users may also perform document search in the integrated systems by highlighting a word or data field in the system, right click and select the “Find in Enadoc” option in the dialog box.

With Enadoc, you’ll never dread document search again. Go with Enadoc today and experience the ease of document search. Click here to know more.