“2016 was the year that hacking became mainstream, but 2017 will be the year where hackers innovate,” – Dan Patterson, Senior Writer for TechRepublic.

Cybersecurity is an issue that most people often take for granted. Just this month, the world witnessed as WannaCry laid waste on the entire internet, paralyzing even hospitals and government units. With the advent of more “things” getting networked, we might just be at the tip of the iceberg.

In an article about the ransomware attack that plagued the world, one solution appeared as the most viable protection: cloud backup. With its destructive and contagious nature, WannaCry decimated around 300,000 companies worldwide and that’s just the start. “Copycats” have adapted the same system and unleashed a new set of deadly malwares on the internet.

The big question: how do we protect ourselves?

Here are three big reasons why a document management system is just what you need:


  1. It monitors what goes in and out

The infamous ransomware latches itself into attachments, messages, and different links and all it takes is for one employee to engage with it to take the whole network down. With that in mind, the network manager must have a keen eye in determining which files are dangerous for the company.

Enadoc solves this with hexagonal security paired with tag cloud.

Hexagonal security hinders information access though a seven-fold security barrier: document scope, encryption, dynamic redaction, security levels, user profiles and scopes, topped with username and password.

Tag cloud uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan up document texts for generating smart tags to associate them as keywords with the very file you are going to store.

This combo assures that Enadoc doesn’t just stop on the uploading, but still keen to what it stores and what’s being accessed.


  1. Cloud backup: the best kind of backup

If the experts say that you should contact the nearest FBI, then there’s pretty much nothing you can do but to reboot your whole system using backups. Enadoc is a cloud-supported document management system. Every file you scan and manage through Enadoc has a copy in the cloud and is ready for any maintenance that your company might need.

The beauty of cloud is that it creates a multitude of copies for each file across a vast swarm of machines. With Microsoft Azure, Enadoc’s cloud backbone, file redundancy is flawless across its plethora of datacenters all around the globe. This makes sure that no matter what calamity hits your company, it will stay afloat. It doesn’t matter if it’s an earthquake or a world-threatening super ransomware, Enadoc’s got your back… ups (pun intended).


  1. It keeps your stuff together

It’s easier to secure assets if it’s clumped together. Enadoc allows you to sort documents and segment them into different groups of tags and descriptions. You can also just clump stuff up together to have a more cohesive look at things. You can do this by assigning specific tags that group files together: group all financial statements and receipts under “finance” or group all your employee information under “profiles.”

The possibilities are limitless. You can even group them according to function so you know which files are for approval, revisions, and sending. The control that Enadoc gives you is a deciding factor in surviving sophisticated malware attacks such as the one we have now.

Remember, when all else fails (and believe us, it will), don’t be afraid to resort to backups. This is the only surefire way to get your company up and running amidst all the threats that surround the digital realm. Secure it today by checking out our latest offers.

Tech One Global and the Enadoc team is here to tailor fit a cloud-supported document management system for your backup needs. Check out our latest offers here or send us a message.

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