“Change is the nature of the cloud” – David Lef, Principal Network Architect at Microsoft IT

Change is difficult for everyone. The promises of a cloud-powered system sound so good with all of its wireless capabilities and promises of security. However, the transition from a traditional network to a cloud infrastructure is no easy task pretty much for everyone.

The reality of the IT industry is that most enterprises are still straying away from a pure cloud infrastructure. In his interview with Microsoft, David Lef, Principal Network Architect at Microsoft IT, shed some light to this cynicism towards cloud.

Basically, it’s all about one thought: Why change if our infrastructure is still working?

Change is hard, but it will come. Businesses have to accurately position themselves and slowly adapt to it one step at a time.

But how?

Through hybrid infrastructures.


A hybrid infrastructure is exactly what it sounds like: a fusion of the traditional and the innovation. Change is only hard if it’s drastic, so why not make it not-so-drastic? A hybrid infrastructure, especially with Microsoft’s Azure, allows an enterprise to slowly move to the cloud one application at a time.

The transition from traditional to digital is also manageable, thanks to document management systems like Enadoc which allows scanning of documents to transform them into digital data. With document management and spot-on tech support, adopting a hybrid infrastructure is a sure way to enter the digital transformation realm without making traditional efforts obsolete.

In this modern time of rapid innovation and technological developments, a gradual transition toward digitization is what every company needs in order to stay in competition.

A hybrid infrastructure is flexible in all aspects. It allows a company to use their existing infrastructure while putting some parts of it to the cloud. By doing this, a company can get more mileage from their investments while readying themselves for full cloud adoptions. This opens up opportunities for companies not only to enhance their workflows but also in understanding the true nature of a cloud-first mobile-first working environment.

A gift for SMBs, hybrid infrastructure is the jump start that every enterprise needs in order to dive in the flow of digital transformation.

For more information about David Lef’s interview, check it here.


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