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Tag cloud has been floating around the web since the 90’s. Tag cloud (also known as word cloud or weighted list) is a visual representation of text data to depict tags (or keywords / metadata) on websites or just any visualization use.

With tag cloud, a user can see in a glimpse what the contents are and at the same time,  immediately locate contents based on their frequency or category.

Simply, it is used to ease up navigation and search.

But what about the ever-nifty search bar, you ask? Well, search bars do pretty well in a handful number of contents. However, it becomes short-lived when it deals with very large amounts of files, documents, or contents.

It comes with two hefty reasons: it is either you should have a powerful search bar for metadata or a proficient file naming system. Good thing, tag cloud covers what the plain search bar can’t do. Tag cloud collects all the tags on a content and make available for the user to see on a field. So regardless how similar or vague the file names are, tag cloud efficiently does the dirty job.

It allows users, too, to explore contents without having the difficulty of digging down to a mess of folders and subfolders.

What most people don’t know, tag cloud has more up in the sleeves.

Imagine a tag cloud for all your files and documents

All your documents can be accessed at your fingertips.

Enadoc, a solution for managing documents, is the only document management that uses tag cloud technology for proficient archiving and retrieval.

Enadoc uses mathematical algorithms to identify the frequency of each tag or keyword within the organization’s repository all according to users’ preference (i.e., alphabetical, frequently used, etc.).

Here are the reasons why tag cloud is the best tool for your documents:


tag cloud


1. You will never misfile a document.

No matter how large your repository (where the files are stored) is, tag cloud automatically soothes your filing management. With all tagging features set up in Enadoc, you don’t need to go through the hurdles as to which folders and subfolders you should file your uploaded documents.

2. Retrieve documents in just two clicks.

Save  time remembering which folder your files are in. Most importantly, save yourself from clicking three-level deep folder only to find out the files are relocated to another folder.

With tag cloud, you have to remember few things about the file you are looking (e.g., brochure, HR, Leo, 2013, CV). Yes – that’s how easy it is.

3. Gear up your workflow and productivity like no any other.

Through Enadoc’s tag cloud technology, it helps you streamline your workflow in four readily-available types of tags:

  • Reference Tag. Ease up tagging with these handy predefined tags to quickly sort out essential information.
  • User Tag. Tags that are preferred by the user to use on documents.
  • Library Tag. Tags that are specific for departments (i.e., HR department, Sales department, etc.).


With all these features and functionalities, tag cloud surpasses all search bar and folders limitation. Tag cloud immensely profiles and recognizes each document down to their metadata – not just their filenames and where they are located. In the field of document management, tag cloud surely is the best for searching documents.