There are numerous Document Management System (DMS) in the market right now. Just a quick search on Capterra.com returns us whopping 399 results. Aside from this myriad of software, the most important to consider, what makes a DMS solution the best to consider for your business?

Based on Association for Information and Image Management or AIIM, Document Management System is the use of computer system and software to store, manage, and track electronic documents and images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner. Meaning, it helps out businesses to sort electronic documents for productivity and security – and this could be attained through a good software/solution.

What makes a top-notch Document Management System?

Generally, a good Document Management System solution fits your business seamlessly – what you need, how you need, and when you need it.

What you need constitutes the features your business needs in order for it to function and operate in its maximum potential. Is everything the software offers necessary for your business? A lot of DMS software offers jam-packed features and services when in fact the business only needs one or two. This is important because the prices of the solutions are strongly correlated with the features it offers. So, better consider everything before actually paying for the product.

How you need is how the system could be deployed in your hands. There are several options for this: the first is on premise, the second is on cloud. There are pros and cons between the two but make sure which deployment could your business run smoothly and efficiently.

When you need is how immediate your business could adapt to it. Others require extensive services that consumes time and money in order for the business to enjoy the software. Others only spend 3 days to a month. Some DMS requires a major revamp of the whole existing system while others do not.

After answering all these, businesses should consider other essential factors that makes a DMS a top-notch choice: does the solution have a free trial? Does the solution meet our security protocol and requirements? How fast is its service delivery? How many years is it in existence? And other factors.

We found good factors in Business News Daily that justifies what every good and top-notch DMS in the market should have:

  • Ease of use
  • On-premise or cloud-hosted
  • File cabinet structures
  • Search capabilities
  • Scanning options
  • Editing abilities
  • Collaboration tools
  • Complete Security measures
  • Integration options
  • Workflow access
  • Mobile access
  • Good Customer service
  • Cost-efficient


This list summarizes how DMS could be of help in all forms of businesses. These factors deal with all possible problems that would surface later on in every business. Well, this concludes that no business is safe.

For other cross-references, these factors are also incorporated by other list sites like Top Ten Reviews and Business.

Considering all the factors above, let’s check how Enadoc fairs the provided criteria for a top-notch DMS.

Document Management System Factors Chart

This chart presents how Enadoc meets all the factors for a top-notch Document Management System based on Business News Daily:




Ease of use. This factor states that how the software is easy to understand by an average employee.

Just looking at the sample snapshots of Enadoc user interface, Enadoc demonstrates easy-to-understand functionalities.


Img 1


Img 2


On-premise and Cloud hosted. This is based on what the software offers on its website.

Enadoc offers what best suits for your business, whether you prefer access on premise or on cloud.

Mobile Access. This shows how the service can be accessed through mobile devices.

File Cabinet Structure. This indicates how documents uploaded in the system are arranged and systemized. This reflects the solution’s search capabilities for files.

Enadoc lets users choose how they categorize their files – it is not limited to the traditional and inefficient folders and subfolders.

Search Capabilities. This indicates how documents are uploaded in the system and could be found by the users.

Enadoc uses an innovative feature we are all already familiar to – the Tag Cloud. This eliminates misfiling of documents in a folder. This eases up how users search a document by associating tags to it.

Security Measures. This shows how the solution software protects users’ documents.

Enadoc applies 6-level security factors across the system, not just passwords and encryption. This includes watermarks, document security levels, and user access levels.

Integration Options. This indicates how the software solutions are readily adaptive to work with its environment and existing services.

Enadoc seamlessly integrates with Microsoft OneDrive for storage and Microsoft SharePoint for workflow and collaboration.

Workflow Access. This feature serves as the user logs, collaboration, and versioning among others from the system.

Enadoc is perfectly designed to bundle with SharePoint. To learn more read our blog specifically written for this feature.

Customer Service. This lays out how the solutions provider could be contacted for concerns, technical assistance, and more.

Cost. This is one of the most important factor to consider when purchasing the solution. As mentioned above, the cost is closely related to the features it offers. This could be in monthly or annually.

Enadoc offers a request price quotation to provide competitive prices and discounts depending on the size of the business.

Free Version. This is important so that the users could see how the solution could help them but with limited features.

Market Size. This indicates the solution’s extent and capability to cater to a definite market size.

Data Input. This shows how users could upload their documents in the system. Most solutions have scanning features.

*Included in the future release, Enadoc can scan not only through any scanner but from mobile devices as well.

Supported Files. Supported files come in two kinds: (1) what the solution could recognize, and (2) what the solution could preview/play.

Enadoc can recognize (upload, share, download) PDF, TIFF/TIF, JPG, BMP, GIF, DOC/DOCX, PNG, DICOM (medical images). Enadoc can preview and redact PDF and all image files.

Onboarding. Onboarding is how a software solution helps the user to get accustomed around the features and interface.

*Enadoc in its future release will enable anyone, without the need of technical staff, to learn and master Enadoc through self-service portal.

Direct Local Vendor Support. This is where the solution software could provide direct support for its customers.

One important note: It is important to peruse every detail a DMS has because these solutions are not over-the-shelf products. Meaning, this is the type of the product your whole company is entrusted to in the long term. If you have decided to look and check out a DMS that suits your business, Enadoc, a top-notch DMS, is definitely a good choice to start with.


To check how could Enadoc help your business, check out our page: http://offers.techoneglobal.com/enadoc-o365/