The cloud must be one of the most misjudged things here on Earth. It is usually sentenced to be a menace once it pours cats and dogs, yet it is just its own way of nurturing the once parched pines, or trees, at least.

Paralleled to the IT realm, the cloud has been treated the same — people are pretty skeptical about the advantages of this organizational processes innovation.

Actually, we can put things this way: the industry is a massive forest of companies dancing under the cloud’s rain of benefits while you could be a tree-to-be seedling that is so scared of the gush of water and wind that’s why you hide under your tent of doubts against its positive effects for your business. In reality, the cloud is pouring its gifts to the industrializing market but a lot would still go for stapled, stacked, and boxed kind of storage and file access; like a tree under an umbrella in the midst of the forest—feeble, unaware and giving self-thoughts that they’re on the right track, but they’re not.

As for you, the great power you have right now is to go technological and work smoother or go traditional and endure the clutter.

If you choose the latter, here are ways to miss out on the effectivity of the cloud. Surely you’ll nail this one with these approaches:

  1. Avoid planning.


Planning really takes out too much from someone. It demands a great deal of time, effort and a lot more just for organizing, segmenting and labeling what is to be taken into account. And lo and behold, it involves one of the stress-inducing elements in the surface of the universe — thinking, which nobody likes doing for tasks that are menial and could just be relied on luck and the alignment of the stars. So for venturing out there to invest on things that will improve your business processes, just mindlessly buy or subscribe to a cloud-service provider’s offers, overlooking: security features, business compatibility, cloud disaster procedures and cost-efficiency.

After doing so, prepare for a dashing rain of thumbs up (from your competitors).

  1. Hoard, hoard, hoard.


Primarily pertaining to digital hoarding, Dina W. Brin, a freelance reporter and a writer based in Philadelphia, states on one of her posts in Weebly: “Clutter does more than getting in the way in a physical sense. It can create enervating mental obstacles as well.” So if you still keep Word files of financial statements, Powerpoint presentations and sales reports from 2001 together with the whole series of Friends and The Big Bang theory in your laptop, it’s time to store outdated files in your cloud storage. Or if you still keep bulk of important, significant or sentimental documents for you or your company, now’s the time to digitize them and put them up there, in the cloud.

Less crowdedness, more space to breathe, wise decision to maximize the cloud. But yeah—just keep those canisters of files and gigabytes of computer files to be the Worst Cloud User of the Year.

  1. Be cheap for your business.

pexels-photo (2)

Let’s face it: some of the cloud’s or a document management system’s premium functions aren’t for free. Even for a mere expansion of storage space, there is a corresponding cost.

Cate Costa, Director of Entrepreneurship at Chicago Urban League, pointed it out in her LinkedIn post referring to businesses: “In the real world, many entrepreneurs have a difficult time distinguishing between being cheap and being frugal.” She mentioned that cheap entrepreneurs are the ones that will hinder the progress of a business by holding on so much on every penny they own while frugal entrepreneurs lure the possibilities of growing the business by “responsibly controlling costs while still investing in high ROI activities.”

Following this line of comparison, avoiding expenses for upgrading or purchasing more usable cloud functions for your company will surely hold you back not just from the cloud’s full potential but also from your business’s progress, which is worse than losing large sums of money for a lasting effect.

There will always be an easy way to fail something. If we’re talking about the cloud, mentioned are just some conventional ways to totally own the fiasco of maximizing the cloud for your business.

Surely these are the last things you want to do.

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