Security: Why Should It be a Priority for Cloud Service Providers

We’d lock doors at night, put passwords on devices, install CCTV cameras for surveillance, and even spend to embed laser alarms in highly-sensitive areas just to settle our minds that we’re all geared against intruders. For millenniums of human existence,…Continue Reading →

A Glance on Cloud Services and Models

  Written by Sanjutha Ravindrakumaran | Solution Specialist at Tech One Global   Can you guess the five-letter magic word that business entities wonder about? It’s nothing but the“cloud” – the solution that moves enterprise and SMB forward to enhance…Continue Reading →

17 Factors That Make Enadoc a Top-notch DMS

Have a Cloud backup? Better have one. Now.

Paper vs Electronic Documents

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

Cloud – Is it secure?

Enadoc Cloud Made Easy: A Layman Discussion of Enadoc

#StaySafe: Are you ‘that’ prepared?

Enadoc v1.3.3 New Features and Enhancements

Written by: Jayani Abeyasinghe and Yashodha Nishadini Gankanda  New features Email Notification By enabling this security option, user can receive email notifications regarding every login to his/her account. This feature will help users to identify unauthorized access to their user accounts. Configurations will…Continue Reading →

A Peek at the Future: A Paperless Society

  Dehydrated pizza. Flying Cars. Hoverboards. Do these ring a bell? You’re right — these were all predictions that came out from Robert Zemeckis’ movie Back to the Future II. But we have seen that these innovations are very far off…Continue Reading →

Top 5 Industries that need Document Management System

5 Disasters Waiting to Hijack Your Paper Documents

Keeping Documents Secure with Multi-factor authentication

Security Levels for Document Management in an Organization

An organization wanting to increase its security should not focus on external threats but also consider the possibility of internal threats. Remember how Wikileaks started? A United States Army soldier who worked as an intelligent analyst, Bradley or Chelsea Manning,…Continue Reading →

Disaster Recovery Practices in Document Management

Why your Documents are Secure in Enadoc on Cloud

  Recently, the Justice Department of the United States have prosecuted five Chinese military officials for hacking several U.S. companies’ computers to access trade secrets. Huge and established companies such as U.S. Steel Corporation, Westinghouse Electric Company, and Alcoa Inc….Continue Reading →

How Secure is your Software?

  First submitted by Rose Mananghaya on Thu, 04/10/2014 – 02:57 When selecting an electronic document management system that would handle your company’s most sensitive information, inspecting its security features is top priority. According to the Global State of Information Security Survey…Continue Reading →

Benefits of the Cloud