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The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) says that in January to June last year, only 40% of data breaches involving the loss of personally identifiable information (PII) were caused by external intrusions, while 29% were caused either accidentally or maliciously by internal staff.
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Based on this OTA publication, it is clear that a high percentage of data breaches were the result of staff mistakes, rather than external hacking.

When the outcome of this report with the records management industry was analyzed, it was evident that majority of the document management and document imaging solutions were not designed to prevent these external and — most importantly — the internal intrusions. As a result, billions of public and private confidential records are in danger unless these organizations take an immediate action.

To address these security concerns, Enadoc has developed its on-premise solutions and cloud subscriptions with hexagonal security architecture that provides additional innovative features to traditional triangular security when it comes to keeping company information secure from external and internal threats. Enadoc’s hexagonal security architecture use both passive and active security techniques including:




  1. Content encryption. Protects records and information from external threats such as hacking and internal unauthorized access at the content level.
  2.  Advanced user management. Controls the user rights for a single page or at content level.
  3. Multi-user authentication. Manages confidential information while dynamically providing need-based access for authorized users with workflow-based approval process.
  4. Dynamic redaction. Prevents unauthorized leakages of critical information such as PII’s.
  5. Dynamic watermarking. Discourages internal security leaks by placing dynamic watermark that could easily trace to the source at the time or retrieval, downloads, prints, screen prints, photo captures, and so on.
  6. Logs and audit reports. Monitors all the activities within the system.
  7. Document classes. Inherits central security management through additional controls.
  8. Notifications and alerts.  Define the system notifications to admin users when certain records are active (access, download, print, forwarding, email, etc.)
  9. Digital signatures and electronic signatures
  10. MS active directory integration and single sign-on capabilities


For more information about Enadoc hexagonal security, please access our security white paper here.

If you are interested to see how Enadoc works and how it provides the highest level of security in real time, we will be more than happy to arrange an online/onsite product demonstration at your convenience. Please contact our ECM consultants today and see how Enadoc can add value to your business.