Education is the lifeblood of society. It produces the doctors, engineers, teachers, and other professions that serve as the cogs in a large mechanism that we call “society.”

We have been refining our ways of studying and understanding the meaning of existence throughout the course of human history and have invented tools to further extend our reach in grasping the meaning of the world around us.

That grasp has extended up to this day to the modern technology, and of course, the cloud.

With that in mind, here are three things that the cloud can bring in the academe:


Value for Money


Education is one of the most expensive investments that a person can avail. Oftentimes it’s one of the major things that takes off a huge bulk from our annual and monthly budget. Quite frankly, who can blame us?

Education is the most important investment a person can have and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as it used to be with cloud technology.

According to Sameer Bhatia in his article “Five Surprising Ways Cloud Computing is Changing Education,” digital content is always less expensive than printed content. This involves journals, studies, research papers, and other studying materials all floating in the cloud as of the moment.

Aside from the obvious efficiency and value for money, you get an added flexibility in terms of security and accessibility.




One of the mortal sins of learning is outdated knowledge. It gets us into trouble more often than it helps us and the only way to avoid doing so is by continuously updating what you know.

Fortunately, getting updated nowadays is as simple as logging into your social media account or going to your friendly search engine like Bing for your queries.

But on a bigger scale, the cloud is bringing updates on the academe faster than any online encyclopedia you can find on the internet.

A cloud-supported academic system has access to knowledge before it even becomes “knowledge.” Raw data, analytical reports, briefings, and sometimes even documents not available to the general public are all accessible to some extent in the cloud.




The cloud is named that way because that’s what it is — an entity above that can be seen by the masses. With the reach of a cloud-powered academic system, there is no corner in the world that is deprived of knowledge.

Cloud computing opens new opportunities for people especially those that cannot be reached by traditional educational systems. By putting education in the cloud, it can reach more people which will become productive memebers of the society.

Some even offer courses online for diplomas and certifications that anyone can avail.

The cloud really is the bringer of innovation into whatever field it is applied to. It strengthens existing systems and integrates them seamlessly with the power of the Internet. It revamps their communication and increases productivity — improvements that are always welcome to any institution academe or not.

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Soar the skies.


“Five Surprising Ways Cloud Computing is Changing Education” – Sameer Bhatia, CloudTweakz