1e4879ab0a09cc38acc824691c041a7ce74cb9aa39f7ebf5b1pimgpsh_fullsize_distrAt the end of the day, document management system’s efficiency is measured through what you have at hand. To embody that principle, My Workspace, Enadoc’s very own workshop, is where the magic happens.

Magic because this is where files are sorted and corrected for a better document archiving experience. Here’s a closer look at My Workspace’s functions:

  1. Smart Tag generating process (Uses OCR or Text recognition along with text analysis to generate   content-based Tags) 

All files uploaded to My Workspace undergo this processes. The thing is, Smart Tag generating process only works for texts that are already there or can be seen upon uploading, not requiring to open the file. So Microsoft Word files are an exemption. Once the Smart Tagging is done, statuses for each file will be showed through color indicators.

Icon Color         Status
Green Smart tag process complete.
Orange Smart tag process in progress.
Grey File unsupported for smart tag process.
Purple No texts available/detected.


After determining if a file is good for Smart Tagging, the system will then generate Smart Tags. These Smart Tags are keywords you can associate with your file for easier retrieval.

  1. Image rotation, combining, and redaction

If the image you uploaded to My Workspace makes you tilt your head, the Rotation feature solves it. You can fix each image’s orientation to assure the ideal viewing pleasure.



In case you want to lessen the clutter in your My Workspace, you can merge images into one PDF file. Just hit the Combine button and tick the images you want to compress and organize.



Storing documents containing delicate information such as account numbers, signatures, passwords, and personal details? That’s where the Redaction feature comes in handy. This will let you restrict users to view portions of your saved file by blackening the part you want be concealed. The blackened part can only be shown to users whose security level is the same as the redacted portion’s [security level] or higher. The best thing is, this can be applied to images and text files.

redaction1      redaction2


  1. Tagging

This function sorts out all the documents saved in My Workspace. This is where files — images or not — are designated to Tag Profiles belonging to specified Libraries.



To make the sorting more specific, files are associated with Reference Tags which are predefined for file type, upload date, and the name of the uploader; User Tags which are personal keywords and Smart Tags which are automatically generated based on the content. You can also Flag each document to specify actions.

tagging-2   tagging-1



Aside from My Workspace’s primary functions, keep in mind these things as well:

  • You can upload various image and document formats to My Workspace and Enadoc’s vie-wer supports PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF and DICOM medical images.
  • Enadoc Smart Tags are automatically generated from JPEG, TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP images and PDF files.
  • As for Enadoc supported file formats, Smart Tags can only be generated from JPEG, TIFF,  PNG, JPG, and BMP images, including PDFs.
  • Once a document is transferred to Enadoc, My Workspace will be cleared and  ready to re-ceive new documents,


These are just some of the bits for you to maximize the use Enadoc and My Workspace.

Did these help you use My Workspace? Did we miss some points?

Let us know your concerns here.