Buying new stuff is always a good feeling. The process? Not so much, especially for organizations.

Whether it’s a private or public entity, they will all be involved in a procurement process. Some buy small things, such as papers while others make huge purchases, such as buildings and construction materials.

What do they have all in common? Documents, lots of them. Whether you are in charge of the procurement process or responsible for buying, this is admittedly an area that is full of obstacles for everyone.

Organizations aim for good procurement practices and that means value for money. Good procurement practice cuts off a huge chunk of expenses through efficient delivery and wise time usage.

A document management solution (DMS) like Enadoc can bring instant changes into the overall process of procurement by addressing problems such as:

  1. Little control of the buying process
  2. Less opportunities for negotiation
  3. Poor spending management
  4. Lack of evaluation system
  5. Ineffective manual procurement process

Document management solutions are systems that automate your manual documentations by digitizing all of your documents and data. In terms of procurement, this includes files like bidding documents, data sheets, conditions, schedules, specifications, and forms.

What can it do?

Imagine it like a digital file cabinet that sorts out documents with just a click. This will give the user much more control over the buying process. Create requests with all the needed data without diving into piles of folders and papers, gain up-to-date information about a project’s status, and access all documents relating to purchase requests (such as proposals, orders, receipts, and invoices).

It also opens up opportunities for negotiation. DMS is a great tool for getting the right documents at the right moment when you need them. Need to close a deal? Pull out the right document to support your claims with the help of a DMS. Some even have auto-tagging and scanning features that will allow you to use physical documents for digital means (such as Enadoc). Delicate documents? No problem. Just scan, tag, access, and use them whenever necessary.


Of course, when we talk about procurement, there’s always cost. Cost can be attributed to a lot of things such as quality, quantity, demand, and time. Reduce costs by allocating enough time in analyzing viable options. How? Through an efficient document managing system. Always stay on your toes with a revolutionary point and click system. Let’s face it, sorting documents eats a lot of time and energy.

Although not exactly a DMS, PhilGEPS is a good example of simplified procurement process through technology. Cutting approximately PHP 1 Billion of procurement costs, PhilGEPS utilized technology to automate the opportunities for procurement. Every bidding transaction can now be monitored through PhiGEPS which results in less resources and overall increase in output for parties involved in the procurement process.

Document management systems like Enadoc does that in an organizational level. It automates the process, it increases efficiency, and allows decision makers to have everything they need to execute a procurement. It saves time and helps avoid a lot of stress for the parties involved, allowing them to reach a clear decision and agreement.


Aside from increased productivity and overall efficiency, it also allows users to have a bird’s eye view of the whole process. This helps them in assessing the whole procedure and gaining new knowledge from it. Just access your DMS and have a quick scan on reports, invoices, and overall transactions to give you an idea of the overall picture.

Sure, you can do it manually, but you’ll have to sort through piles of documents just to have a grasp of the whole procedure, oftentimes resulting into left out crucial data Transitioning from a manual document management to digital is no easy task. That is why products with scanning features are there, like Enadoc, armed with its own tech support and assistance.

Overall, a document management system is a must for the future of procurement processes. It streamlines processes, summarizes data into digestible chunks, and gets rid of the inefficient manual processes.

Document management systems are the future of procurement.


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