True to its commitment as a dynamic document management system, Enadoc 1.8 is the newest version release new with features and modifications to improve function and usability. As always, each update sets each user to a better user experience—aiding functionality, visual ergonomics, and efficiency. Let’s have a closer look to these new additions and modifications:  

Tag Cloud Revamp

As we all know, the Tag Cloud is one of Enadoc’s strongest points for document management, and here comes version 1.8 to make it a lot better and tighter for security and access purposes.

Nothing to worry about the visual ease that the classic tag cloud provides as it is still the one that will capture your eyes whenever you want to access a document in an instant.

To best match tag cloud is to streamline the backend process of tagging and setting permissions.

Reiterating security protocols, users can view documents according to the permission set by the account owner. So regardless of how sensitive or confidential a document is, so long that your account has the necessary permission parameters set by the account owner, you’re good to go.

Along with this is setting up to three (3) indexes, only for selecting reference tags. Also, selected flags, user tags, and library tags can now be displayed in the tag cloud. All you have to do is enable it through ticking the checkbox for Enable Tag Cloud in the Create/Edit Indexes tab.


Time zone settings update

Each document uploaded to Enadoc comes with a set of metadata that could be crucial for monitoring and even legal purposes. For this, version 1.8 restricts the users to change time zones and sets it as an exclusive feature for the account owners in the Accounts tab.

You can still access other account-related information such as the account owner’s name and email address, as well as the remaining storage capacity.


Commenting and flagging feature in the document viewer

As basic tools for collaboration, commenting and flagging have been additional features in the previous Enadoc updates, but version 1.8 makes them easier to do.

This version gives you a new document viewer that has one control button for adding comments and flags. This button is located at the right-hand portion of the document viewer. The Comments tab will be selected in default and will show you the added comments.


To add a new flag, click on the Flags tab → click on the Add new flag button. It will then show you a text box where you can supply a custom flag. Save it by clicking the Save new flag button.


The added flags will appear at the drop-down list below. Select one from this list and click on the Add button to add the specific flag to a document.  


Once a flag is added to a document, it will be displayed like this:


See all the comments and flags by setting the filter to All; see all Comments by setting it to Comments; see all flags by setting it to Flags.



Advanced functions

In the previous versions, basic and advanced tools were under simply displayed in the document viewer without any label. Now, each of these tools are categorized: advanced tools were placed under Tools tab and basic tools were now placed under Basic tab.



Other enhancements

  • Improved image quality
  • Enhanced Advance Search/Global Search for different languages
  • Fixed minor workflow issues
  • Increased email attachment capacity to 20MB
  • Improved document viewer UI


Surely, there’s going to be a lot of new features and improvements in the upcoming versions. Stay tuned as we improve Enadoc to suit your document management needs! You can also check out Enadoc 365, its mobile-behalf, on Android and in IOS. Know more about its updates, new features, and many others by clicking here.