With everyone talking about digital transformation, it’s no surprise that even document management technology will go with the disruption. After all, documents are the lifeblood of every business.

With the exponential increase of document processing across all industries, digitizing documents are now far more important than ever. Here are five reasons why every company in the digital age should invest in a document management system.


It’s here



Digital transformation is not coming; it’s already here. If you must pick a time to digitize your physical documents, it’s right now. The disruption in industries will not stop nor stabilize, it will just go on and on and jump exponentially in terms of pace.

Better now than never.


Painful transition? Say hello to hybrid.



People rarely talk about the most painful part of changing from traditional to digital: the transition. It cannot be done in one day and it demands sacrifices from all aspects of the company from their work habits to definitions of efficiency and effective workflow.
Going hybrid is one of the most effective path towards going digital because it alleviates much of the pain of leaving traditional behind. Going hybrid means utilizing existing systems and merging it with the new.

How do you go hybrid? Scan those documents. Enadoc is your first step towards it.


You are conducting most of your work using email



You need to order something? Email. Submitting papers and approvals? Email. Official announcements? Updates? Emails and more emails.

If you find yourself dealing with more emails than actual documents, then it’s time to get a document imaging solution. Why? Because emails are the first sign of digital transformation and if you’re starting to get a lot of them, better stop, think, and consider a document management solution.

If emails are on your table then you better get moving.





When it comes to digitization, there are now a lot of choices and paths that a company can take nowadays. Gone are the days when your only choice was to invest in bulk. Today, everyone has the option to tailor their subscriptions based on what their current financial status is. Scared of investing too many eggs in one basket? Be flexible! Choose the right subscriptions fit for your needs.





With institutions like Tech One Global, there are a lot of options to get some advice for the initial parts of the transition for digital transformation. Digital transformation is still young and everyone is in it for the ride, we’re not going to just leave you behind. Once you invest in us, we’re here until you reach the top.

You don’t have to do things blindly. The digital community is thriving today. Harness it and prepare for the future.

Let’s grow together.

Whether you are ready or not, Enadoc is here to shoulder a huge chunk of the burden.