Enadoc 365 version 1.6.1 for iOS Update: Direct Upload to Enadoc & Feature Enhancements

You can now directly upload scanned documents from Enadoc 365 to an Enadoc library. This is the newest installment for Enadoc’s mobile-behalf. Enadoc 365 continuously proves that it can match the premium Enadoc has established. Its hand-held competencies had exceeded…Continue Reading →

Enadoc Feature Modification for v1.8.0.1

Enadoc is on a roll of improving its functionalities for a better user experience. It’s newest update release Version delivers better UI and UX. Feature modifications are listed below:  Improved print function for document viewer  The print function for the new document viewer for Enadoc was introduced in version…Continue Reading →

Enadoc 1.8 New Features and Modifications

True to its commitment as a dynamic document management system, Enadoc 1.8 is the newest version release new with features and modifications to improve function and usability. As always, each update sets each user to a better user experience—aiding functionality,…Continue Reading →


Microsoft recently co-hosted a forum on “Deliver[ing] Digital Transformation to HR” alongside partners, MiHCM (formerly, Microimage HCM) and Tech One Sanje at the Hilton, Colombo where over 150 participants—composed of CXOs, HR professionals, and senior technology practitioners from roughly 100…Continue Reading →

Enadoc 1.7: New Features and Modifications

Enadoc 1.7 update

Enadoc holds to be your versatile document management system. It continues to evolve as it adopts newer technologies and usability features to improve user experience and functionality, aside from a sleeker user interface. This update mainly provides much-awaited DMS capabilities…Continue Reading →

Enadoc 1.6: New Feature and Modifications

Enadoc is still your ever-flexible and adaptive document management system you could ever have. This holds true to the changes and modifications we have applied to make a better user experience. What’s new? Printing made more upfront. In this newest…Continue Reading →

Enadoc V1.5.3 Update: Index Text Prediction, Enhanced UI for Existing Features and So Much More

The trends for a document management system are ever-changing. To adapt to this technological phenomenon, Enadoc ensures relevant updates that showcase new features and modifications for a better user experience. We’re proud to present Enadoc’s most recent installment, the version…Continue Reading →

Enadoc 1.5.2 Update: Introducing FREE TRIAL

The best things in life are free. As for backing up your files, we know what’s best. That’s why we offer you a free trial of Enadoc, a browser-based document management system fit to optimize your organizational processes. By getting…Continue Reading →

Enadoc 1.5: New features, modifications and updates.

  Enadoc version 1.5 showcases new features, modifications and updates to improve functionality and user experience.   New Features   Generating Smart Tags This feature helps users to extract texts from documents and add them as tags. All the documents…Continue Reading →

Enadoc V1.4 Update

Enadoc v1.3.4 Updates MFP Connect