Enadoc at 100: Transforming Organizations through Digitization

Enadoc at 100 TransformingOrganizatios through Digitization

Tech One CEO Lars Jeppesen and COO Wasantha Weerakone started advocating digital transformation (Dx) over two decades ago. During this time, the duo started thinking of a way for businesses to have seamless and efficient digital workflows perfect for the…Continue Reading →

Enadoc 1.8 New Features and Modifications

True to its commitment as a dynamic document management system, Enadoc 1.8 is the newest version release new with features and modifications to improve function and usability. As always, each update sets each user to a better user experience—aiding functionality,…Continue Reading →


SRI LANKA, January 21, 2019 – Enadoc and MiHCM Cloud Inks Partnership agreement which will allow organizations to enable end-to-end digital transformation of HR legacy system. Enadoc is an award-winning and innovative enterprise content management solution which allows hassle-free digitization through document…Continue Reading →

Tech One Global Launches Enadoc 365 on Android

Things You Should Let Go When You Have Enadoc

Enadoc, like its mother innovation: Digital Transformation (DX), is dubbed as a double-edged sword that brings both the good and the adjustable changes. It has disrupted the very core of document management on varying industries – thus moving us to…Continue Reading →

Three Simple Ways To Maximize Enadoc In Your Organization

Enadoc and Fujitsu: The Best Duo

Transitioning to digital is a challenge for any business, especially those operating in a developing country. Despite 2017 shifting more and more to digital innovations, there’s still the reality that everyday problems, like internet quality and overall reception of technological…Continue Reading →

Paper vs. Digital: 6 Areas in your company that can be improved by digital transformation

4.3 hours a week. That’s the amount of time the average person wastes in paperworks. Let’s say you have five employees, that means that your company just wasted 21.5 working hours spread across your whole workforce. What if you have…Continue Reading →

Five instances where you can use a mobile document “scanner”

  2017 will be about empowerment and what can be more empowering than our mobile phones that gets smarter and smarter? We do everything with them: calendar, schedules, news, social media, and now, even scanning day-to-day documents. How? With the help…Continue Reading →

Why Clean Up Your Office for 2017?

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3 Things to Expect If You Don’t Have a Document Management Application

Cloud and On-Premise Hybrid: The Best of Both Worlds

“Change is the nature of the cloud” – David Lef, Principal Network Architect at Microsoft IT Change is difficult for everyone. The promises of a cloud-powered system sound so good with all of its wireless capabilities and promises of security….Continue Reading →

Reasons Why You’re Hesitant to have a Cloud-based Business

Enadoc: The Future of Document Management for Procurement

Ways to Miss Out on the Effectivity of the Cloud

Three Signs that you need a cloud system for your Business

  2016 is a year of many fluctuations in the global market, due to the worldwide movements of economical behemoths happening left and right. Every entrepreneur should plant their feet well on the ground and brace themselves for whatever wave…Continue Reading →

3 Tips for Digital Transformation with the Cloud

The Cloud: A Company’s Abracadabra

A Glance on Cloud Services and Models

  Written by Sanjutha Ravindrakumaran | Solution Specialist at Tech One Global   Can you guess the five-letter magic word that business entities wonder about? It’s nothing but the“cloud” – the solution that moves enterprise and SMB forward to enhance…Continue Reading →